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Coffee drinking lowers risk of diabetes

Drinking more coffee may slightly reduce your risk of diabetes, and people who drink three or more cups appear to be at the lowest risk of all, a US study has suggested. [s]The Independent [/s]reports that researchers at [b]Harvard University’s School of Public Health[/b] led by Dr Shilpa Bhupathiraju, analysed data on more than 120,000 people’s coffee consumption over several years and found that those who increased their intake by more than a cup a day over a four-year period had an 11% lower chance of developing diabetes in the following years. Those who had consistently higher coffee consumption – of three or more cups a day – had a risk which was 37% lower than people who consistently drank one or fewer cups a day. The study is the latest to suggest a possible link between coffee and reduced diabetes risk and while the researchers behind the paper said that bigger, clinical trials would be required to confirm their findings, they believe that existing evidence of coffee’s benefit is ‘well established’. However, experts in the UK said that it was still not clear that coffee was directly responsible for the lower risk scores shown in the study.

[link url=]Full report in The Independent[/link]
[link url=]Harvard School of Public Health full study[/link]

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