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High-fat diet ‘criminal’

[b]Johannesburg[/b] cardiologist Anthony Dalby took on sport scientist Prof Tim Noakes at a recent [b]Vitality Summit[/b] calling his high-fat diet ‘criminal’. Noakes maintains that too much insulin secreted in response to a high carbohydrate diet is to blame for heart problems rather than the commonly held view that high cholesterol and a diet high in animal fat are to blame.

Heart and Stroke Foundation[/b] CEO Dr Vash Mungal-Singh said that the raging debate about how much carbohydrates and saturated fats people should consume was confusing, yet Noakes and his opponents agreed on a lot of things. ‘We're [all] saying eat less. We agree on the need to avoid sugar, processed foods and refined carbohydrates. We need to have more whole foods.’
[link url=]Full report in The Times[/link]

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