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Ivermectin that is available in SA is 'safe for human use'

Both products containing Ivermectin available in South Africa are safe for human use, writes Dr Egbert Weiss.

Weiss writes:

There are two products available in our country containing Ivermectin.

IVERMAX: contains Ivermectin, propylene glycol and glycol formal. Propylene glycol is part of the anti-freeze mix but has been declared fit for use in humans, Glycerol formal is not but seems to be safe.

Both ingredients are listed in Phillips Morris Marlboro’s new e-cigarettes (Tobacco heating system) application at the US Food and Drug Administration and was approved.

ECOMECTIN: contains Ivermectin and benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol was approved by the World Health Organisation safe for human use up to 5mg/kg per day in 2001.

That means both ingredients are declared safe for human use by the WHO.

I think the whole South Africa must know this.

Kind Regards

Dr Egbert Weis

Intercare Gonubie

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