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SA’s digital vaccine certificate launched without fanfare

SA’s digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate, which features a scannable QR code, has been launched by the Department of Health, reports Business Insider. The COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate System went live, without announcement, on Tuesday (5 October).

The certificates are seen as way to relax COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and to establish proof of vaccination. The department said it is currently at the testing phase of the system “to troubleshoot all possible glitches ahead of the official launch later this week”. Its development comes amid government's move to ease lockdown restrictions and create a certifiable proof of vaccination.

“It can be used to facilitate travel, (for) access to establishments and gatherings, and other forms of activity that require proof of vaccination status,” President Cyril Ramaphosa said during the announcement of the move to adjusted alert level one lockdown last week. The system, developed according to guidelines issued by the WHO in August, creates a digital copy of the standard vaccine card issued to those at vaccination sites.

The Health Department has not yet announced the official launch of the vaccine certificate system, indicating, as with the initial launch of the system, that the online portal is still being refined.

Business Insider article – SA has launched its digital Covid-19 vaccine certificate with QR code – here’s how it works (Open access)

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